The League of Legends is about to become a whole lot more beginner-friendly, according to a new blog entry on the official Riot Games website.

Riot Games has recognized that the game has gotten so intense over its lifespan that many new players are trying to join but getting crushed by more seasoned players, causing them to become frustrated and leave forever. To counter this, Riot is instituting Intro Bots, a more developed tutorial system to ease brand new League players into the game's many systems.

Intro Bots Mode, according to Riot, is "a new tier of Co-Op vs. AI, and features more than just new bot AI. The mode includes a number of systems that aim to let new players learn in a more guided and forgiving setting, so they can grow wings before jumping out of the nest."

The goal with this new mode is to not only teach players the game, but to make learning the game fun in the process. "We want Intro Bots to be a place where new players can experience the fun of League while they learn," the blog post explains, "so we’ve taken some liberties in order to reduce potential frustration. By tuning damage dealt and bot behavior we can give new players more time to react to new and dangerous situations, and by reducing death timers we can make mistakes less punishing while still allowing failure as a learning experience."

This is a fantastic way to build up a fanbase, as nothing kills the excitement for a brand new game more than getting your butt handed to you in every game you play. Perhaps other multiplayer games should take a page from this idea and incorporate it somehow... we're looking at you, Call of Duty.

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