A lone hiker wandering a trail in Yellowstone National Park was confronted by a bear and is fortunate to have survived the ordeal.

Officials at Yellowstone National Park this week shared a warning to hikers about walking alone, as well as provided details of a recent incident involving a female tourist from Missouri and a Grizzly Bear. An account of the incident was shared on the park's official website in a June 24, 2020 press release.

In the release it says the 37-year-old woman was knocked to the ground by a female Grizzly Bear on the morning of June 22 while walking on a trail near Old Faithful. She reportedly sustained minor injuries to the leg and face. An attempt to use bear spray by the hiker may have thwarted the animal, according to the release.

Park officials are telling tourists and hikers to stay in groups of at least three when visiting Yellowstone. The trail is temporarily closed due to the incident. The hiker told park employees that she believed the bear was acting in defense of her cubs. This is the first reported incident of its kind at the park so far this year.

Bear spray is also recommended when traveling outdoors in areas with high bear populations. It has also been advised by park officials to avoid areas that have posted bear management signage. Staying alert on hikes and avoiding heading out in the evening hours were also advised.

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