She's been on Oprah and now she's coming to the Magic Valley Pet Fest. She is Lorrie the Pet Psychic and she claims she can help you connect with your pet in ways you maybe didn't think were possible.

Here's a little bit of what Lorrie shared about herself on her website.

...I realized at an early age that I had been blessed with a special connection with people and animals. I have been providing psychic readings for people for nineteen years. About two years into my practice, I discovered that my clients’ animals were trying to speak to me.  Being an animal lover, I was so excited to have discovered this amazing gift.

Lorrie will be at the Magic Valley Pet Fest on Saturday, June 24. The Pet Fest will start at 10 am and continue until 4 pm in the Commons area on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho.

Find out more about Lorrie on her Facebook page and also her official website.

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