It has been a process but I am so excited it is coming to an end. The Magic Valley Brewing pub is open in Twin Falls, on a limited basis for now. While they work out all the details on exactly when they are going to open and what type of menu they are going to have.

According to a few posts on their Facebook page, the Magic Valley Brewing pub in Downtown Twin Falls officially passed inspection and is open. They did a soft opening test run on October 30th with a limited menu.

Information about Magic Valley Brewing

Magic Valley Brewing is based out of Buhl. The location on Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls is a second location. The location in Buhl will still serve and make all the great things you love. Now you can get them all in Twin Falls.

Why limited access?

The owners are testing the waters right now. They will be announcing and hosting an investment dinner at some point so if you were someone who helped get this place up and running you will likely get an invite. There is no real timeline yet as to when they will be open on a regular basis.

Do we know the hours they will operate?

Not officially confirmed yet, but there are hints that the pub will be open Wednesday through Sunday 11 am - 9 pm. They are still ironing out the details so that is not official hours just yet. You can follow them on Facebook for more details.

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