I've attempted one food challenge in my life, but it was nothing compared to a three-foot hot dog smothered in macaroni and cheese, chili, and corn that a south Idaho brewery serves up to brave souls that wish to attempt to take it down.

The only time I've ever attempted a timed food challenge was in 2015 when I was part of a morning show in California. It was a spicy buffalo wing eat-off between myself and my co-host. It was officiated by one of our sales reps and was a contest to see who could eat the most wings in two minutes. I came out on the losing end of this one.

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Competitive eaters fascinate me. I have no idea how a 130-pound person can cram dozens of hotdogs down their throat in a matter of minutes. These types of challenges are best attempted by people much younger than I.

For those in the Magic Valley that don't mind a two-hour drive to attempt to tackle one of the most insane food challenges in the Gem State, the Twisted District Brew Co. in Garden City has something called the Yard Dog Challenge.

YouTube has a few videos featuring people that have attempted to take this monster hotdog down. You can actually get some pointers from these fearless foodies if you plan to take the challenge someday. You have one hour to finish this massive creation, and winners get the dog for free and a shirt that says, "I Ate the Biggest Wiener at Twisted District!"

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