Milner's Gate Idaho Craft Brewery is now open in Twin Falls at the old location of the Shoshone ballroom. There's a certain posh, yet unmistakably contemporary feel about the space, that leads one to believe that many painstaking months went into the construction of the new brewhouse and restaurant.

As it turns out, cameras were rolling throughout a great deal of the business' construction phase. A new Facebook video uploaded on February 26, 2019, gives viewers a first hand account from start to finish. Milner's Gate is located at 205 Shoshone Street North, and for those of us who had the opportunity to spend some time in the building when it was an event center, furniture or bookstore, the appeal of the location has always been a strong one.

Milner's Gate serves lunch, dinner, and offers a weekend brunch, according to its website. The owners held the official ribbon cutting earlier this week.

For more information about Milner's Gate, call 208-293-8250.

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