Jeffree Star is currently working in Idaho Falls on a new product that's due to come out later this year. 
Star broke the news to fans of his January 13 arrival to the Gem State on his Instagram and Twitter pages. A rather awesome private jet and Lamborghini could also be seen in photo. His
products can be found at Ulta in Twin Falls, and range from mists to makeup pallets.

I reached out to Northwest Cosmetics Labs in Idaho Falls to see if Star might be collaborating with the company.

Jeffree Star Idaho

"We don't have an employee by that name," was the response I received, so I ruled them out. I phoned Melaleuca as well but struck out again. Star didn't give very many details about the visit, other than he would only be in Idaho for a short time.

His main YouTube channel has more than 17 million subscribers, and a recent video he posted about a breakup has been viewed more than 20 million times. The product he is currently working on with his makeup team is expected to be released to stores worldwide this summer, according to his Instagram.

Star is also an aspiring recording artist. He has a number of music videos on YouTube as well. For more information on his products, click here.

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