Twin Falls Police Seek Women Suspected of Stealing Cosmetics
Twin Falls Police is seeking the help from the public in identifying two women suspected of stealing makeup in late September. Police released surveillance images of two females that walked into a cosmetics shop on Fillmore St. on September 30, and allegedly took a large amount of makeup off the sh…
Would You Call In Sick Over This?
We've all had mornings where our hair wouldn't curl, your shirt looks nothing like the last time you wore it, and your skirt has a stain on it that appeared out of nowhere.
How do these things happen and why do they only happen when you wake up 15 minutes late?
Ever Multitask While Driving?
We all multitask. Like, right now, I'm chewing gum, typing, listening to radioPup, and talking to my mom on the phone. OK so I'm not actually listening to what she is saying, but you get the idea.
Women Actually Do Find Eyeliner Attractive On Men
I hate when studies question one of the few unquestionable truths we have left.  See, I’ve ALWAYS believed that when guys wear eyeliner to look cool or mysterious, it turns off most woman.
But according to a new study, I’m wrong.  Even though a lot of women…