I hate when studies question one of the few unquestionable truths we have left.  See, I’ve ALWAYS believed that when guys wear eyeliner to look cool or mysterious, it turns off most woman.

But according to a new study, I’m wrong.  Even though a lot of women might never admit it, supposedly they find ‘guyliner’ ATTRACTIVE.

In the study, researchers at Princeton University had men and women rate the attractiveness of different faces.

And they found that women like a guy with a darker look, a five o’clock shadow, well-defined eyebrows . . . and yes, well-defined eyes.  In some of the cases, the eyes were well-defined by eyeliner, and the women liked that look.

Men tended to like women with red lips and skin that was lighter than average.  That went for all races . . . so guys liked paler white women, light-skinned black women, and on and on.

And both genders tended to prefer faces that didn’t have too much chubbiness on the cheeks or the upper neck.

I still mock men who wear make up!  What do you think, do you like eyeliner on men?

The survey was conducted by CBS News

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