A retired journalist in Finland contacted our company and sent some pictures of the Aurora Borealis taken around the same time the phenomenon was seen in Washington State and northern Idaho earlier this week.

Earlier in the week, I shared a story that was reported by a news source in Spokane, Washington. The story was about the Aurora Borealis that was seen by people throughout the Pacific Northwest and overseas. Less than 48 hours after we posted the story, we were contacted by Jorma Mantyla, a resident of Kangasala, Finland.

Mantyla was taking pictures of the Aurora Borealis just prior to it being reported on by KREM 2 News, more than 7,000 miles away. Finland is known for having incredible views of the Northern Lights, which occur when particles of heat from the sun make contact with matter in the Earth's atmosphere.

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Jorma Mantyla
Greg Jannetta
Jorma Mantyla

The photographs we received are stunning, and appear to show the Northern Lights in the sky over a rural area of Northern Europe. Idaho does on occasion get glimpses of this incredible event, but not as impressive as seen in parts of the world such as Canada, Alaska, and Europe.

One of the best areas in the state of Idaho to get a peek at the Aurora Borealis is said to be near Priest Lake, which is over 600 miles north of Twin Falls, and less than 20 miles from the Canadian border. We thank Mr. Mantyla for sharing these incredible images with us.

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