Expected dramatic solar activity later this week in the form of flares will increase the likelihood that more than 10 states including Idaho will get a good look at the atmospheric anomaly known as Northern Lights.

For those in southern Idaho who have always wanted to see the Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis) and haven't been in the right place at the right time, Thursday evening (July 13) should be the best chance to get a bird's eye view of it. If the weather cooperates, many Idahoans may also get this remarkable vantage point the evening prior, on July 12, according to multiple online sources including wmar2news.com.

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The current weather forecast for the Magic Valley heavily favors area residents' chances to witness the Northern Lights, which happens when light contacts moisture in the atmosphere and is presented in the form of greenish, bluish waves across the sky. These lights are more commonly seen in places like Alaska, Russia, Sweden, Canada, and Finland, so when there's an opportunity to view them in the U.S., it's an exciting prospect for many.

Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and six other states will likely see the atmospheric gift on Wednesday and Thursday evening, according to reports. I for one won't miss my chance to see them for the first time.

It's not uncommon for Idahoans to see the Northern Lights. The opportunity usually presents itself once every couple of years, and to get the best view you need to find an area with little to no light pollution. Heading up in elevation where it's darkest will increase your chances of see the Northern Lights this week.

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