Angry Birds has made for one happy woman.

An Australian man recently proposed to his girlfriend in a specially-designed version of the popular game.

During lunch last month, Ben Levi asked Melissa Swift if she wanted to play Angry Birds Friends. She took him up on the offer and nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she got to the third level and she saw the words “MARRY ME MEL” on the tablet screen.

The proposal totally caught Swift off-guard:

I think I would've been less surprised had I seen a flying pig. I remember looking at it and not really comprehending what it meant. He was down on one knee and it just all fell into place and I just started crying....It was just unbelievable."

It's somewhat ironic the proposal came via Angry Birds because Swift, 24, says Levi is obsessed with the game. So obsessed is Levi that he got in touch with the company that makes Angry Birds and asked if they could help him with the proposal. Amazingly enough, the company agreed to take on the challenge and spent months working it up.

Levi then installed hidden cameras in the restaurant to capture the proposal. He said, "There's not much I can do anymore that can surprise her, because she knows to expect ridiculous things."

The ridiculousness may continue, too. Levi said he's considering having an Angry Birds-themed wedding. Yikes! Will they serve roast pig?

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