So I don't smoke, but a LOT of my coworkers do and they're always bumming smokes off each other (cheap bastards) and they're always talking about new apps on their iPhones and iPads and Android phones (nerds!).  And now, that's to Marlboro, these two loves can be combined.

Marlboro has released a new smartphone app called Bump a Smoke that enables people to trade virtual cigarettes for real ones.

Basically, the smoking moocher asks for a virtual smoke and it's transferred from the bummer's smartphone pack to the giver's smartphone pack.

So how the hell do the carcinogens get into the bummer's body?  Here's the nerd-answer:

When the cigarette-giver's pack of virtual cigarettes becomes full, he or she can go to the store and redeem it for a real pack of cigarettes.

So could this work with things like gum or snack packs?  Since this app is still in it's infancy, would you use it?

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