The old stereotype that men won’t ask for directions is evolving with the times.  These days, men still won’t ask for directions . . . and, apparently, won’t listen to a disembodied voice giving them directions either.

According to a new survey, men are more likely than women to ignore directions from their GPS device.  Women will follow the instructions even when they’re almost positive the GPS is wrong . . . men won’t.

83% of men say they REGULARLY overrule their GPS when they think it’s wrong.  74% of women say they overrule it . . . but not as regularly.

Overall, 79% of drivers say they’ve overruled their GPS at some point.

63% keep a map around just in case the GPS steers them wrong.

When a GPS gets the directions wrong, it leads you an average of 5.9 MILES out of the way.

60% of women admit they’ve gotten into an argument about whether or not to follow the directions from the GPS.

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