The year 2020 ended with an incredibly rare astrological event involving our solar system's two largest planetary bodies. For the next couple of days--then again in February--three of our planets will align in such manner as to allow us a look at yet another exciting heavenly event.

On December 21, 2020, many of us in southern Idaho attempted to look toward the southwest horizon just after sunset for the Saturn / Jupiter conjunction, in which the combined effect is commonly referred to as the "Bethlehem (or "Christmas) Star." An approaching weather system that proceeded to cloud up the sky above Twin Falls prevented many from getting a glimpse of the very rare occurrence.

While not as rare as the 0.1 degree alignment between Jupiter and Saturn from 18 days ago, we still have the opportunity between Saturday (January 9) and Monday (January 11) to get another look at something remarkable taking place in the sky above us.

Between 5:30 P.M. and 6:15 P.M. nightly on December 9,10 and 11, those of us in southern Idaho that can get a clear look to the lower west / southwest horizon may get a glimpse of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter's triple conjunction. The weather forecast for the next 48 hours in southern Idaho is predicting the chance of rain or snow in the region. By sunset Sunday, clearing is expected to take place; Monday night might be our best chance to witness the conjunction.

Another triple conjunction between the three planets is also expected to occur again on February 13.

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