Greenies like to tell us wind power is a necessary evil.  The big turbines kill birds and bats.  That’s not a secret.  Some of the birds are on the protected species list.  In order to save the planet, our feathered brothers were told some of the birds must die.  One energy company has discovered this isn’t a guarantee.  Check out this link.  More than 150 eagles have been killed by blades in several neighboring states.  The responsible party is paying dearly for the war on nature.

Do we Really Need Killing Fields in Southern Idaho?

We’ve got some big plans for wind farms in southern Idaho and we’ve got a lot of raptors and smaller songbirds.  How many must die to appease the bloodlust of the environmental lobby?  The same people who’ll scream about me eating a steak are accomplices to killing animals in a far more inhumane way.  In the case of bats, the air is sucked from their lungs and the animals suffocate.  No bats and we’ll be covered in disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Wind is Inefficient and Deadly

Another website is crowing about wind power surpassing some traditional methods of energy in recent weeks.  However, it still can’t match clean-burning natural gas, which this link admits.  Another website covering this story doesn’t even mention the wide disparity between number one and number two.  It’s like finishing second in the Kentucky Derby by 25 lengths.

The wind is doing this with the sheer volume of turbines going up but will never be as efficient at releasing energy as compared to what we call traditional fossil fuels.  It can never power the equivalent of the current United States economy on its own.  Not even close.

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