Apparently being in one of the most influential metal bands of all time doesn’t make you cool enough for your kids. In a new interview, Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell revealed that he is not allowed to jam with his children.

“I used to when they were younger but they won’t let me play anymore,” he told Cincinnati’s CityBeat. “I’m not good enough.”

Following in the musical footsteps of your famous father is always a difficult proposition, as Julian Lennon and Jakob Dylan can attest. But to not even let him sit in with you? That’s harsh. Then again, maybe that’s the only way to rebel against your dad when he’s a member of Motorhead. Still, he takes paternal pride in watching their young careers take off.

“Yeah, they are doing really good,” he continued. “I have some children in a band called Straight Lines. They have their second album out and they are doing lots of shows. They have great reviews in all the magazines and everything. Hopefully they will be doing the Warped Tour next summer. Another is in a band called Inside the Trees but they changed their name to The People’s Poet and they are recording their new album now, as we speak. It’s a quite different kind of music. They have their own sound as well. They are all doing really well.”

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