The dogs and cats I’ve cared for over the years never made any specific requests for presents.  They don’t speak my language!  I never harmed their dignity by putting reindeer antlers on their heads.  I've never dressed a dog or cat in a sweater.  No matter the day of the year, dogs and cats remain the same.  They eat, sleep, play, poop and pee.  And, yet, I’ve sometimes found myself buying presents.

He Turned Into a Wildcat

Like last week.  There was a combination toy/scratching board and the price was right.  I bought it, popped it in the trunk, and then forgot about it until the next day.  I fetched it from the trunk and then took it out of the box.  I can unpack a lot of boxes and groceries and the cat never pays much attention.  Somehow, he knew this was his present.  As I was reading the assembly directions, he climbed atop the still wrapped device.  Wrapped in plastic.  And he started clawing the scratching board through the plastic, which helped me with the removal of the latter.

Destruction on a Household Scale

Within five minutes, the scratching pad, nothing more than cardboard, was destroyed.  I flipped the toy over and he reached inside and batted a bell.  Once.  Then he walked away.  I flipped it right side up once more and he has barely paid any attention to it since.  He has been sleeping on top of the box, which he also scratches several times a day.

Cats are like having perpetual three-year-olds.  The kids would rather play with the bubble wrap and cardboard.

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