Today is Work-A-Holic Day and since I am one, lets talk about the long days and nights, coffee, and the pay off!

First up, lets talk about you...are you?

OK fine, me, yes, I'm a work-a-holic.  Honestly though, I just hate being bored.  To me, watching mindless television is a waist of time...for me, that is.  I get it, I'm the weird one.

Even as a child, my mom would tell me to just chill out.  I never could and still can't.  I love working and I love moving forward.  If you share this lifestyle with me, just know that burnout is real...real hard.  I've burnt out before and I assure you that it will happen again, but I've been trying really hard to combat that.

For example, yesterday I actually took the day off.  However, I did work on some voice over projects though, but to me that's fun. :-)

The Pay Off: I love winning and being a work-a-holic means you get to win a lot at work, however, beware of screwing up your home life.  This realization is new to me and I'm working really hard to find that balance.  And keeping my home life in order is worth everything to me.

So how do you prevent burnout?

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