Armed with hot cocoa and heavy winter wear, my family headed out in the Honda Pilot last night to see for ourselves what the Rock Creek Lights are all about. We pulled into the dirt parking area a little after nine o'clock, and it was immediately obvious that the people responsible for this light display had incredible attention to detail. Scoping out Christmas light displays has always been a tradition around the holidays with my family. After my father was injured in the Vietnam War and discharged, he began working for Disneyland's security office. That meant my older brother and I got in free, so we spent many Christmases surrounded by electrical parades, fireworks, stellar light displays and spoiled-rotten children. Monday night while preparing dinner, my wife asked me what I knew about the Rock Creek Lights. It turns out she read a blog one of my co-workers wrote that mentioned the site as a local favorite. We were not familiar with the Idaho tradition, because we have only lived in Twin Falls for 15 months. According to the site's Facebook page, the display has been around for more than 25 years and doesn't charge admission, unlike Disneyland. A photograph of the site really doesn't do it any justice, you have to see it for yourself. Because I am currently battling a viral infection that has already prevented me from being present for the cutting down of our Christmas tree, I wasn't going to let last night's forecast prevent me from going. I walked a small portion of the grounds before I realized...holy hell, it was cold. The constant motorcade that kept passing as we walked inspired us to enjoy the grandeur further from our temperature controlled seats. Christmas music was a nice touch my wife added as well. So, if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend you fill a thermos with something hot, pack some gloves ( a MUST) and make the short trip to Hansen, and appreciate for yourself what resulted from the time and efforts spent to create this no-cost, winter wonderland right here in southern Idaho. Did I mention packing gloves? Enjoy!

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