Room, location, and building sponsorships aren't a new thing. We have them here at the radio station and you see them at almost all sporting arenas and entertainment venues. In Boise you have the Extra Mile Arena and the Albertson's Staduim and you even see sponsor banners at CSI sports and rodeo events. It's a way for the sponsor company name to be seen by all who attend the events and the venue sees the benefit in monetary support. How would you feel if your home were that cool?

Little Caesar's is looking to 'sponsor' your TV room and in return give you freebies and special discounts. They want the naming rights to your room for the NHL season and they'll even provide you with a sign for your 'Little Caesars® NHL® Hockey Room' - that's what they want you to call it.

Then, when you have chores for your kids it will sound so much cooler to say 'you need to clean the Little Caesars® NHL® Hockey Room' rather than 'you need to clean the living room.'

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You just have to check a few boxes and provide an email for contact. Now, before you get worried that the suits will come after you if you forget to call your room the Little Caesars® NHL® Hockey Room, you don't actually need to do that. This is really just a fun way for them to get you to sign up for their email blasts and get you some deals on food.

If you like the sound of that, you like the taste of Little Caesar's pizza, and you love the ease of the Pizza Portal: get the full details on room sponsorship at the Little Caesar's site. Even if you hate hockey you can still get in on the freebie action.



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