One of the most popular global pizza chains known for offering inexpensive, pre-baked choices, is now testing a new meatless menu item.

In an effort to appeal to those who prefer a healthier diet, consisting of menu alternatives to meat, Little Caesars is partnering with California-based food company, Impossible Foods, which creates meatless food options for the public. The company offers foods ranging from plant-based meatballs and burgers, to breakfast sandwiches and nachos.

Little Caesars is testing the new Impossible Supreme Pizza, which contains faux sausage, according to a report by CNN Business. Chains in Washington, New Mexico and Florida are offering the newest creation to consumers this week. Little Caesars operates locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

U.S. demand for meatless substitutes in restaurants and fast food has been strongly increasing over the past few years, and is now closing in on a $2 billion per year industry.

Would you be willing to trade your favorite meat toppings for ones created from plants?

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