Today is National Bird Day! And while my co-worker ( and KOOL host ) Nate Bird believes it's a day to honor him, it's really about our high-flying, feathered friends.

Today I was inspired to come up with a Top 10 bird-themed playlist of songs that have been recorded by classic rock bands. There are more songs about birds than one might think, particularly the sparrow.

There have also been a few songs that include our own state bird, the bluebird. Ok, so it's technically the Mountain Bluebird, but hey, cut me some slack, this is my last post of the work week. Paul McCartney's "Bluebird," is one for example.

So, here you go. Here's our Top 10 "All Bird" playlist for the weekend. This pairs nicely with a bag of bread crumbs and a glass of Rex-Goliath.



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