I was recently alerted to the fact that one of the country's most well known hiring websites has had a post up since August 16, 2019, inviting the public to apply for a position with a new store in Twin Falls.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that Old Navy, which closed its doors in Twin Falls in January of 2018. would someday reopen. Businesses do it all the time, and sometimes a new location makes all the difference. In an August 16 post on national career assistance website Indeed.com, information was shared about a Brand Associate position in the city of Twin Falls.

There is a possibility that someone at Indeed made a mistake, or just maybe the popular clothing store is making a Magic Valley return. A post on Gap Inc.'s website indicated in early September that perhaps it isn't a mistake...and a comeback is happening.

Old Navy, which is a division of Gap Inc., opened close to 70 more stores in the United States in 2018, according to information found on the Gap's official website. Upcoming locations include Century City (Los Angeles), Napa, California, and Denver, Colorado.

The company also opened locations in Mexico, Canada and New York last year. The former Old Navy building in Twin Falls is now occupied by HomeGoods, at 2030 Bridgeview Boulevard. The announcement Old Navy was closing in Twin Falls came in December of 2017; the store's final day was Friday, January 26, 2018.

A phone call, and email, to Gap Inc.'s public relations department on September 4, has yielded no response. So for now, Magic Valley residents will just have to wait for further confirmation, much like we are concerning other rumored business coming to the city, such as Texas Roadhouse and Red Lobster.



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