This is not the first time that Old Navy has been in Twin Falls, originally located over by Best Buy, the store shut down several years ago. A new Old Navy store has been under construction and the official opening date is coming up.

Old Navy In Twin Falls

The Old Navy in Twin Falls is located in Canyon Park West next to Rendevous and Bed Bath and Beyond. The store appears to be much larger than the original in Twin Falls. Since the clothing store shut down, many people have been upset. The good news is it is coming back bigger and better than ever. Old Navy recently opened a location in Pocatello as well.

Grand Opening Twin Falls Old Navy

The Grand Opening for Old Navy will officially be on Saturday, May 14th. However, the store will be open to the public a few days prior on May 11th. So if you have time that Wednesday, you may want to stop by and check out the new facility. Otherwise, May 14th will be a big day for the store.

Old Navy opening next month is great timing. They have some of the best summer attire and shorts I have ever purchased. There is always a little something for everyone. Now the question is, how many people are you going to have to get by as you go shopping for the first time that weekend. I have a feeling I will see you there.

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