The Canyon Park Old Navy store is in its final days of operation after 16 years in Twin Falls. Merchandise is rapidly disappearing as the store is offering a sizable sale before closing the doors for good.

The news of the closure was announced in late December of 2017, as the company has decided not to renew the lease at the current location. Old Navy is set to close this Friday, January 26, at 9p.m. Those who wish to visit the store in its final days of operation will be able to take advantage of big sales.

"We are offering clearance prices, and an extra fifty percent off," said Meagan Mitchell, the store's assistant manager.

It's not known yet if Old Navy will re-open in a different area of town, so that makes the 526 North Milwaukee Street location, in Boise, the closest store to Twin Falls. The Canyon Park store currently staffs approximately 30 employees.

"We want to thank Twin Falls for all your business over the last several years," said Mitchell.

The store will operate from 9a.m. to 9p.m. through Friday.


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