A woman in Las Vegas is facing multiple charges after she bit her boyfriend's lip off following an argument. The act has resulted in the man being permanently disfigured.

Daliris Hernandez, 36, is being charged with mayhem and disfigurement following the incident that happened three weeks ago. The victim, 40-year-old Luis Venegas, had half of his bottom lip torn from his face, according to details shared by idahonews.com.

An argument reportedly started between the two while the victim was celebrating his birthday at home. Venegas' father discovered the lip on the floor of one of the bedrooms after responding to his son's screams. Venegas told police he thought Hernandez was just trying to kiss him.

Doctors were unable to reattach the severed lip because too much time had passed before the victim could get treatment. The mayhem charge (Nevada statute section 200.280) could bring the possibility of up to two years in jail. Being found guilty of disfigurement in the state of Nevada could result in added jail time and heavy fines.

There have been no further details about the case. It is not known if Venegas is pursuing legal action against Hernandez at this point either. The victim has declined multiple television interviews due to extent of the injury suffered.

The incident happened in late July, in the East Valley area of Las Vegas. No information has been made available either regarding Hernandez's next scheduled court appearance at this time.


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