According to recent reports, drug users in the U.S. are now gambling with their lives even more after some are reaching for insect spray to give themselves a similar high to that of methamphetamine.

Police are warning meth users this week that wasp spray is likely the culprit in a string of recent overdoses that took place in West Virginia, according to details shared by  This new blend, which is being injected and inhaled, reportedly has the same trusted side effects as meth. Some of those include paranoia, hallucinations, cheek and chin deflation, the ability to lift cars, dental obliteration, Anne Ramsey speech, and the need to completely block sunlight from entering through windows, but now also turns the human body into an instant death beacon for stinging insects.

This is a serious matter despite my derision, and people are risking their lives allowing these types of dangerous chemicals into their bodies. Under no circumstances should anyone try to reproduce this combination for recreational use.

The below report gives more information on this alarming trend.

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