Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

A new method of delivering a potentially life saving exam to women has come to fruition in the form of a mobile mammography center.

Mammograms are recommended to women over the age of 40 to help aid in the discovery of early onset breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. By age 45, women should be screened annually.

The Senographe Pristina is a newer, low-dose imaging method, that delivers a more comfortable exam with the capability of effectively detecting early cancer of the breast. The imaging machines and screening area have been built into what would normally be the cargo space of an 18-wheel truck. GE Healthcare is behind the design of these mobile X-ray labs.

The truck has been making the rounds in southern Idaho offering the public, as well as those in the healthcare industry, a look at the new imaging practice. On Wednesday (February 13) the mobile lab was on display in Idaho Falls, according to a story at

The new system of delivering this vital exam to the public will no doubt particularly help those who are anxious about undergoing a mammography, or have a tough time traveling away from their homes to a clinic that offers the tests.

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