When you visit Boise one of the biggest tourist attractions would be the old Idaho Penitentiary. Most people that visit are fascinated with not only the facility but the stories that you can read about prisoners. Lots of patrons are convinced the Penitentiary is haunted that's why it was picked as a perfect setting for a locally-shot film called "Paranormal Prison".

KIVI broke the story about a group of people who have a YouTube channel and decided to use the Old Idaho Penitentiary as the setting for their movie. The crew has even pulled in some big names like Todd Bridges from the 80's sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes." The cast is made up of not only celebrities but some Idaho locals as well.

The film director for "Paranormal Prison" says he would like to have the film released around Halloween. Which makes perfect sense for this type of spooky movie. If all goes according to plan there will be a local premier as well as a premiere in Los Angeles.

And if you haven't ever visited the Old Idaho Penitentiary you should plan a few hours there one afternoon. Some of the stories you will read while visiting will blow you away. Also looking at the living conditions would be enough for anyone to make sure they never break the law again.

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