The cunning folks at DC Entertainment snuck an exclusive new image of Ben Affleck's Batman out into the world by hiding it in plain sight at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The DC booth features a montage of Batman images celebrating the Dark Knight's 75th anniversary -- and in among those images is a never-before-seen picture of Batfleck's impressive Bat chin in profile.

We already saw a fuzzy glimpse of Batfleck from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder earlier this year -- and we noticed at the time how very Frank Millery it looks. Earlier today we also gawked at Batfleck's cape and cowl on the convention floor -- and it was but a spectral apparition without a meaty Ben Affleck to fill it.

But this image is the prize plum of them all. This is the image that answers the most important bat-question of all bat-time. How does Ben Affleck's prodigious dimpled chin look in that cowl?

click for full chin
click for full chin

Unsurprisingly, Affleck's chin game is strong. He juts well. He gives good jaw. There is a well-shaped squareness to the entirety of his bat head. And by the way, those dinky little ears are so darn cute.

But is the nose a little too pointy? We should have a long Twitter conversation about this.

We'll have more on this story as it develops. There could be other pictures of Batfleck hidden somewhere in the San Diego Convention Center's 615,000 square feet of exhibition space. It could be anywhere. Be vigilant, chums. Report back to us on any and all Batflecks you see.

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