Adam West lived in Ketchum Idaho before he passed away in 2017. He has to be one of the most iconic Batman actors of all time. His campy and endearing portrayal of Bruce Wayne appears to have lingered into his real life. He messed with the Ketchum phonebook in the most Adam West way possible.

If you tried to look him up in the phonebook in Ketchum, it hilariously sends you in endless circles trying to find his information. Next to "West, Adam" it tells you to see "Bruce Wayne (millionaire)". When you look there it tells you to consulet "Crime Fighters" in the Yellow pages. Once you travel there it tells you to look up "BATMAN" back in the White pages, and finally when you look up "Batman" it directs you to see "West, Adam"


Absolutely glorious! I have no idea what year this was done, if you know let us know. I mean, I don't know many people who use a phone book anymore let alone put there information in it. I imagine it was at least a decade ago if not more. No matter what, it is amazing just like Adam West.

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I don't care what anyone says, Adam West was the best Batman and that crown will never be taken from him. And after seeing this, I think Adam West may have been the best actor that lived in Ketchum. Sorry Bruce Willis. Now if I could only find this phonebook somewhere my life would be complete.

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