Did you know that people in southern Idaho used to have the luxury of finding one of the world's most popular crime fighters in the local phone book? The actor who played the original "Caped Crusader" once lived 80 miles north of Twin Falls, and it's been reported he pulled off a great prank on Ketchum residents.

Ketchum, Idaho, is just a 90-minute drive north of Twin Falls, and has been home to several celebrities throughout the years, including Bruce Willis, Ernest Hemingway, and Adam West, who played Batman in the 1960s television series. West loved the Gem State so much that one of his final gestures just prior to his death in 2017 was donating to Idaho's Camp Rainbow Gold in Boise. The camp assists children and families that are affected by cancer.

Although West died in Los Angeles from cancer at the age of 88, he once owned property near Sun Valley and actually listed himself in the local phone book. The full story was shared on the darkknightnews.com website.

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As the story goes, West listed himself under his actual name, and in parenthesis had "millionaire" spelled out. The old Kethcum phone book also had "please consult crime fighters" also printed within its pages. "Batman" was also listed in the book, in which the name, West, Adam, was printed on the same line.

I wonder how many area phone book users were completely confused by the listings, or thought the publishers of the book were pranking them, when in fact it was the iconic actor who introduced the world to the "Dark Knight."

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