A recent study conducted by a national website that tracks spending trends in the United States has Idaho leading the country as far as being lousy tippers.

The recent report conducted by the people at moneypenny.com broke down the tipping habits of Americans, and grouped them state by state into categories of good tippers, and those populations tipping below suggested minimum gratuity.

New Hampshire waitstaff are apparently the happiest in the nation, with diners tipping an average of 20.4% of the bill. States that also placed high on the good tipping scale include Vermont (20.3%), Massachusetts (19.58%), New Jersey (19.44%) and Colorado, at 19.40%.

Idaho was listed as the worst in the U.S. for waitstaff compensation, averaging 16.71% gratuity following a meal out. Closely behind the Gem State was Minnesota (17.21%), North Dakota (17.22%), Utah (17.25) and South Dakota (17.29). How bad are tippers in Idaho, well let's just say, we are the ONLY state to tip less than 17%.

Those of us who have worked in the food service industry know how deflating it is to bust your butt for six to hours--getting our hands covered in a strangers left over condiments, being spoken to like we're incapable of doing anything other than taking orders, or getting a bogus complaint to management solely to received a comped food item--only to have a diner stiff you on their way out the door.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, people who tip lousy should just stay home, cook for yourself, fetch your own beer or wine, and wash your own dishes. Then, if your meal or experience wasn't satisfying, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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