The concept of tipping has been discussed so many times, both the good and the bad. Tipping is not something that happens in other countries and, honestly, I think it should be canceled. But until some of these things are no longer factors, this is why you should really tip your server in Idaho.


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    Servers do not make minimum wage

    Restaurants are allowed to pay servers less than minimum wage due to tips. The legal minimum wage for a server is only $3.35 per hour. Servers depend on tips to earn a livable wage. I am not saying it is right. In fact, I still think restaurants should be required to pay the minimum wage and tipping is no longer a practice.

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    Servers that give exceptional customer service

    If your server is giving you exceptional service that tip is an incentive and indicative of how well they do their job. I have had friends get fired for not getting enough tips because it implied they were not good at it. And even though I think tipping is insane, until things change, tipping for exceptional service is something that I feel should be done.

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    They also have to tip out

    Servers also have to share the tips they get with hostesses and cooks, bussers, and more. So even if you tip out a server $20 dollars they may only actually take home $4 or $5 dollars.

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    They work hard too

    Yes, I understand we all work hard, but our pay from the company we work for usually reflects that, or it should. And if it doesn't then that also needs to change. However, servers work really hard, they get a lot of angry people, and they are trying to survive just like all of us. They deserve a livable wage.

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    Things aren't changing any time soon

    Again, I think restaurants should pay servers at least the minimum wage and the concept of tipping should be phased out. But, unfortunately, this is just how it is right now. Until things change these people depend on these tips. It is a vicious circle.

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