Season three of a series based on a family who operates the largest ranch in the United States and the challenges that ensue is scheduled for release on Father's Day.

If you haven't seen the first two seasons of Yellowstone, you are truly missing out on one of the most enthralling dramas to be filmed in years. The scenery ain't bad either, and I'm not referring to actress Kelly Reilly. Yellowstone is filmed primarily 250 miles southeast of Twin Falls, in Park City, Utah.

The series is set to debut its third season on June 21, 2020, on the Paramount Network. I've personally watched the first two seasons twice. To say this show is good would be an enormous understatement. The show's most well-known actor is Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton, the owner of Yellowstone Ranch and the series' patriarch.

The ranch, which is actually called The Chief Joseph Ranch, and is a real, operating ranch and vacation destination where people can stay over in a cabin when the show isn't being filmed, is in Darby, Montana. The series has everything a person could ask for, including cowboys and cowgirls, gunplay, jaw-dropping scenery, jaw-socking fists, wildlife, betrayal, family drama, whisky and even some well-timed out humor.

I haven't binged a show this badly since "Breaking Bad." I'll be out of town, up north, floating down a river near Stanley the day it comes out over Father's Day weekend, so I'll have to wait a couple days to start it. But, rest assured, I'll have the season finished by Friday.

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