DeOrr Kunz Jr. was just two-years-old when he vanished during a family campout in 2015 in central Idaho. While the case has been investigated by numerous state and federal agencies, there has been one team that has routinely shared updates regarding the missing boy publically, and it appears personnel might be focusing on a new location outside of the campground.

DeOrr Kunz was last seen playing near the family campsite at Timber Creek in Leadore on July 10 of 2015. The last person who had eyes on the child was a  grandfather who has since passed away, according to reports. The toddler's parents were in close proximity and at a nearby creek when the boy disappeared.

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All four adults, including an acquaintance of the grandfather, that were present during the outing have claimed they have no clue what happened to DeOrr, and theories ranging from an animal attack to an abduction by a stranger have circulated over the past seven years. December 30 is DeOrr's tenth birthday, according to a Facebook site for missing kids.

The Klein Investigation team has been keeping close tabs on the case. shared an update just a couple of weeks ago that states the team is focusing its attention "off the mountain," and are "exploring a secondary location." Perhaps investigators believe the boy may have been transported away from the campground at some point around the reported time of the disappearance.

If you have any knowledge that can help Idaho law enforcement solve this case, please don't hesitate to contact your local police department.

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