Magic Valley drone videos are not uncommon these days. The majority of videos that get uploaded to sites like YouTube show footage of spectacular area landmarks such as The Snake River or Shoshone Falls. This one caught the city of Twin Falls on a sleepy,  uneventful sort of afternoon.

One of the newest drone videos to be shared to YouTube gives viewers a five-minute flyover of the city of Twin Falls. The January 25, 2020, footage begins with a buzz over the old historic Twin Falls Pepsi sign on Shoshone Street. It was most likely shot shorty after the last Magic Valley weather system passed through, the weekend of January 10, as traces of snow can still be seen on city rooftops.

Videos such as these are perfectly legal to shoot in the city, as long as any drones weighing over 55 pounds are properly registered. Drones cannot be used to videotape people, homes or businesses without knowledge, and the unmanned aircrafts cannot be piloted within five miles of any airport.

The man at the controls of this drone flew the craft in such a manner that he was careful enough to not cross any safety lines, and also skilled enough to give those who watch it a nice aerial view of the city before landing it safely in the parking lot from which he was piloting it. I'm also guessing that by the lack of automobiles on city roadways, the footage was shot on a Sunday.

Thanks to the pilot for giving us this great footage of our city, and doing it in a safe manner.







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