It is going to be hard to replace Maxie's in Twin Falls, but it looks like a massive remodel is happening to the old building. A new sign is up on the restaurant, it looks like it could be a Mexican cafe. There is not a whole lot of information out there yet, this is what we do know.

New Restaurant Opening Soon In Twin Falls At The Old Maxie's Building

The old Maxie's building is located at 170 Blue Lakes Blvd and according to Zillow, it is officially off the market. According to the signage that has been posted, a new restaurant called Antojos Eatery and Cafe will be taking its place. It appears to be in the very early stages of construction, so we don't have a ton of information.

Antojos Might Be A Hispanic Restaurant

The word Antojos in Spanish means cravings. The sign says Satisfy your Cravings, so I assume it is going to be a Hispanic restaurant. However, it also is being called an eatery and cafe, for all, we know it is a Hispanic-inspired restaurant that is going to serve any number of different cuisines. If you look at the top of the sign though, it appears there is a taco and a drink. It could also be a gyro? Maybe a pita?

Maxie's Legacy Comes To An End

It is still so crazy to me that Maxie's is gone. That restaurant is going to have some big shoes to fill. I have no idea how I am going to fill the hole that was left when I realized I could no longer get their lasagna. We will update you with more information as it becomes available. If you know anything please contact us so we can update all of our information.

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