A recent video shared to YouTube appears to capture an intriguing, aerial object, in the night sky over Twin Falls.

The new video was published on March 31, 2019, from the YouTube account of Jenn Judd, and claims to have been recorded in Twin Falls. The 35 seconds long video shows a bright, circular object, that appears to hover for a period of time, before rapidly accelerating.

(This video contains language some might find offensive)

Specific details of the exact location where the video was shot were not shared. The footage is a bit grainy but does capture the object's accelerated flight path. Whether or not this was an aircraft can be debated, but I still find the recording unusual enough to label it compelling.

Apparently, the UFO Institute channel on YouTube agrees with me. The submission's only comment comes from the researchers who simply posted, "Nice Catch."

With a brief break in the weather coming, Saturday evening might be our next good chance to do some stargazing.

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