The latest Twin Falls BASE jump video would have probably scored high marks from a judge when it comes to breaking down what qualifies as a sound, technical jump.

BASE jump #457 is the newest YouTube upload to the channel of SoCalBum. It was shared on May 27, 2020, and is about as perfect as a jump as you'll see off any bridge. Seeing as I am not someone who takes part in this hobby, I came to this opinion after researching what the "pros" consider to be a well executed jump.

The thing that makes BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge more hairy than many other jump points, is the fact that there is less than 500 feet to work with. In order to hit the designated landing spot, jumpers need begin directionally adjusting to hit the small field on the bank of the Snake River almost immediately after their chutes open. states that body positioning is the most important thing a jumper must be aware of, and that it takes the average jumper approximately 200 jumps before they are considered experienced. It takes some jumpers this many tries to mentally block out the heights factor as well, according to the website.

Jump #457, in which the person in the video takes the less traditional, and more dangerous leap from the bridge's railing rather than climbing over, appears to have all the makings for a great jump. He never loses control, quickly navigates to the landing spot and sticks the landing about as good as any I've seen yet.

Great jump SoCalBum!

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