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Allen has a bison on his helmet.  The Buffalo quarterback was described as a buffalo last year after he made a tackle against the Rams, where he knocked a guy silly.  We need to make the obligatory apology, buffalo and bison are two distinct species, however.  Here in North America, the names are interchangeable.

Recently, pictures emerged of a Yellowstone bison doing an Allen impersonation.  There were no Rams available, so the big hairy beast head-butted a car.  The animal took out a tire!  Not long ago, we posted a video of an elk popping the tire of an SUV.  They must be sharing new means of attack at lodge meetings.  We need to make another obligatory apology.  There aren’t real elks in your local Elks Club.

The bison attacked the car while a passenger was filming the animal feeding.  It was a little too close for comfort.  Still, if you’re going to annoy a creature the size of a small pickup truck, you’re better off inside a car than out in the open.

I’ve had a few moose encounters in my life, and I’ve always been behind a wheel and closed doors.  I also didn’t park next to any of them.  They got a wide berth and I watched them amble away.

When my daughter and niece were young, I would take them to an amusement park that was home to a bison herd.  The big animals would feed on one side of a fence as the girls watched.  The bison had become acclimated to the crowds watching through the fence and acted as if the people were invisible.  There’s a difference at Yellowstone.  We’re not dealing with captive animals.  Please be careful.

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