If a trip to Yellowstone National Park is part of your summer plans, then you might want to know about a very cool park that allows the bottle-feeding of bears and other animals that you'd be passing right by on your way from the Magic Valley.

I think it's safe to say that most of us have never had the chance to bottle-feed a bear. Bears are my favorite species of animal, and I've had the good fortune to see them many times while out in the woods. I have a framed picture of a momma bear I took from about 100 yards away in Yosemite National Park years ago that hangs in my home. They are animals you have to respect and admire from a long distance.

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There's a park that's less than a three-hour drive from Twin Falls that gives visitors one of the most unique human/bear interactions you'll ever see with your own eyes. Yellowstone Bear World can be found in Rexburg, which is approximately 180 miles northeast of Twin Falls and right on the way to Yellowstone.

During a trip to Yellowstone Bear World, which is only 83 miles from West Yellowstone and the gateway to the country's oldest national park, you can bring up to seven people with you per car for the chance to interact with deer, elk, bear, and your typical barnyard animals as well. It's basically a drive-thru petting zoo, but with the chance to personally feed these beautiful animals with the entire family.

To contact Yellowstone Bear World, call 208-359-9688.

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