If you've ever dreamed about getting away from it all in Idaho, it appears you may now have your chance. There appears to be a wilderness retreat that is about to become available near Boise.

This home listing is so new, I was able to find it on Zillow, but only as "coming soon". A real estate agent just shared this brand new video, so you'd have to believe it's about to go on the market.

I did find information on Realtor.com regarding this home that's located at 500 Zephyr Ridge in Boise. According to that, this is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home that's nearly 3,000 square feet and tucked away in the Idaho wilderness. The lot size is over 38 acres. Nice.

When I say this home is "tucked away in the wilderness", I'm not kidding. Even though the address is listed as Boise, it's not really that close.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you're up to the nearly $600,000 asking price, have a go at this. You can't ask for a prettier way to get away from it all, while also having the amenities of a nearby metro available. Hard to beat that combination.

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