A real estate website recently listed photographs of a property in Montana that has been used for the past couple of years to film a popular drama starring Kevin Costner.

The popular Paramount Network series "Yellowstone" recently began its third season on June 21. I was away up north on a camping trip when it was released on Father's Day. It's a show my family is addicted to, as we have already seen the first episode of the new season, along with the first two.

My wife and I are planning to visit Darby, Montana, soon, where some of the series is shot. A coworker of mine who knows I love the show recently brought to my attention a Realtor.com website that actually features 16 photographs of the ranch, lodge and property used in the program. The actual property is called the Chief Joseph Ranch, which is located in the state's Bitterroot Valley.

The pictures are amazing, and people can actually book overnight stays on the property during months filming is not taking place. The ranch is located at 125 Appaloosa Trail in Darby. It sits on more than 120 acres of land. The actual estimated price of the property wasn't listed on the website, but one can imagine what this ranch would probably go for if ever up for sale.

The show is spectacular by the way, and centers around a family operating one of the largest ranches in the United States. The photos of the property also make me want to explore this area of Montana.

My favorite thing about this property is the incredible space in the lodge that surrounds the ground floor fireplace. It truly is a remarkable property.


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