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Greg Jannetta

The month of December means holiday office parties. For many, it's not just having a prior commitment or anxiety about the possibility of making a fool out of oneself that prevents some employees from attending, it's instead a potential can of worms that just doesn't need to be opened.

According to a survey at party411.com, the possibility of cheating with a co-worker was listed by 20% of those who participated as a reason to not go. Ten percent said they didn't like their co-workers enough to socialize with them outside the office.

Further findings revealed that 13% felt better about NOT taking their spouses to an office party. As far as the question as to whether or not alcohol should be available, the results were a resounding YES (86%).

My rules for an office party are:

1. Always dress nice

2. Don't kiss ass

3. Keep drinks to a minimum (one shot maximum)

4. Leave earlier than later

5. Don't talk trash on anyone

6. Most importantly. Tip the bartender. Don't assume they are being taken care of.

Good luck!



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