The Christmas holiday is a time for togetherness, reflection, faith, counting our blessings, forgiveness, and incredibly bad gifts that completely make us forget that, "it's the thought that counts."

Every family has that one person who annually gives gifts that are four sizes too small, meant for a child of the opposite sex, totally "out of left field," or just plain embarrassing. I've regifted items on numerous occasions purchased for a child of mine by family. My mother (God love her) is the one person in the family that should never attempt to buy clothing for anyone but seems to do it anyway every Christmas.

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I know we should always be appreciative of gifts that are given to us during the holiday season. Personally, I always try to find out what is most needed by loved ones before I swipe the card. Gift cards might not be the sexiest things to receive, but they are practical. I agree with the people that are turned off by the commercialism of the Christmas holiday, but I also love buying gifts for family.

My mother has watched my son grow for over eight years, and yet the clothes she gifts him wouldn't fit most toddlers. She also knows I'm not a fan of light-colored shirts or shorts, and yet in 2020, I received a white, long sleeve sweatshirt with the logo of a national park I've never visited.

I hope your holiday is a blessed one. Remember, it is the thought that counts, but for crying out loud, certain people should get a second opinion before finalizing that holiday purchase.

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