Valentines For Pets?
Valentine's Day - the greatest of all Hallmark Holidays - is just a few days away and if you haven't started planning anything you may already be too late!
Just kidding. There's plenty of time to procrastinate.
What Dads Want For Father’s Day
Father's Day is right around the corner. If you don't have anything planned or any gift purchased - you are in luck. Dads are really easy to please. Here is what dads want for Father's Day.
Is Your Valentine’s Day Gift A Surprise [POLL]
Aren't you super excited for Friday!? It's Valentine's Day! Yeah, me neither. It seems like a day to set yourself up for failure. We decided long ago in my house that if we were planning anything for Valentine's to not make it a surprise so there wouldn't be any unnecessary expectations or tears whe…
A Gift From Saddam To Donald Rumsfeld Was Released
When I think of gifts from the orient, I'm thinking gold or maybe virgins, but a creepy video? However, that’s exactly what he gave him. So Saddam gave Donald Rumsfeld this video back in 1983 and he was trying to convince Rumsfeld that the Syrian’s were barbari…