McDonalds is currently offering up Happy Meal toys featuring items from the newest Disney / Pixar film. One of those items I saw my son running around with yesterday, and I thought for a moment he'd found a dirty pipe somewhere.

In anticipation of the new film, "Onward," McDonalds is including toys modeled after movie props in its Happy Meals. I came home from lunch yesterday and my son pointed it at me. It was the first time I'd seen this toy, and having just bought a new home last November, I immediately grabbed it from his hand thinking he may have come across a nasty pipe the former owners might have stashed away somewhere.

"No dad, it's from the movie," my kid told me. Then I saw the switch that activates the toy. Apparently, it's supposed to be some sort of wizard staff from the film, but it looks more like something you'd stuff a bowl of weed into. I had a good laugh with my wife about it.

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Greg Jannetta

The movie looks fantastic by the way. It's apparently about two brothers that are attempting to conjure up their deceased father to spend one more day with him. Having a brother myself, this movie is one I really can't wait to see.

I want to also mention that the purpose of this story was to present the humorous interaction I had with my son, and in no way is this a knock on McDonalds. You just might want to be careful not to leave this toy sitting outside on your property for your nosey neighbor to see.

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