I will admit that us Idaho people can be a bit frightening when you first meet us. The same can be said for our hot springs. One national website is a little alarmed that one of them has alligators. What's the problem?

I laughed a little bit when I first saw that Only In Your State noticed that Miracle Hot Springs has a lot of teeth. Alligator teeth.

Most of their article raves about the quality of the hot springs and amenities. But, they use the word "terrifying" a lot. Yes, that was me laughing again.

Good grief. Even they say the alligator area is fenced off, so what's the problem? Alligators can't climb fences, can they?

Oh, wait. The good news is that will probably never happen at Miracle Hot Springs near Buhl. So, Only In Your State, sleep tight. That sound of teeth chattering and fences rattling is probably nothing.

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